An Italian translation of my article "Information Warfare Is Without Limits and So Are Its Consequences" was published by Q Code Magazine!

Questo intervento sulla guerra – per capire meglio le dimensioni del conflitto fra e .

@schmudde cool! What do you think about comparing cyber warfare to weapons of mass destruction, gas and so forth? I mean in the end the main issue of all these things is that there's a huge risk to hit other targets as well

@alan Certainly the fallout from weapons can spread far in both space (nuclear, gas) and time (land mines).

The article mostly focuses on the inherent political dimensions of military tech. Nuclear is autocratic while cyber or Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) have unique distributed processes. Cyber is trans-national, IEDs are local, etc...

I agree with your risk assessment. But I'd also argue that their existence helps prop up certain political systems. That's another level of risk.

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