@thomasfuchs that’s the largest airline tray table I’ve ever seen.

Two books, thousand+ years apart. One perception of reality.

“For that reason an infinite game cannot be abstracted, for it is not a part of the whole presenting itself as the whole, but the whole that knows it is the whole.”

~ Finite and Infinite Games

“Though both appear as one, we focus on the wave, not the ocean, the image, not the mirror, the dream, not the dreamer, the object, not the mind.”

~ Lankavatara Sutra

I just authored an introduction to in a runnable Nextjournal notebook. If you're curious about how this next-gen internet technology works, it doesn't get much easier than running a server in a notebook. nextjournal.com/schmudde/node-

@raphael How are you exchanging mixtapes? Just with friends?

I was thinking about starting a Funkwhale instance (fediverse.party/en/funkwhale) for Industrial music. Any thoughts on the fediverse + music?

Engineering alone can’t fix what’s wrong with the internet - my short reflection on the lessons we learn by caring for the software we create. schmud.de/posts/2021-09-07-fix

This is what I'm currently working on. We have a great team working on rebuilding the open internet at Yorba. It all starts with reclaiming our personal . Exciting times ahead! vimeo.com/592238779

Well that's pretty cool, Mastodon header images support animated gifs. Now I can passively share Manfred Mohr's work in its full-motion glory. Perhaps the strongest reason to join the service. See it for real: mastodon.social/@schmudde

Lovely retrospective by Brewster Kale and 25 years of the irreplaceable . Even better, this photo of him at Thinking Machines. blog.archive.org/2021/07/21/re

Ethical digital identity systems allow individuals to revoke access to their personal information. news.trust.org/item/2021081711

I'm discussing “The Art of up-cycling digital debris (English)” with هنر آینده Art of Future. Today, Aug 18 at 15:00 Berlin time in Clubhouse. Join us! t.co/TdENqQUJNH?amp=1

@sean @lnxw37a2 yeah video cameras are tough. Specs don’t mean much if they use a terrible codec that compresses the video in bad ways or makes it hard to render/edit on a computer.

@sean I’ve definitely been down that rabbit hole. I’m very happy that so many cyclists feel compelled to make videos on how to fix your bike. And praise the phone geeks who want to detail every pro and con of countless black glass pocket slabs.

@sean the shortcut, of course, is asking a few knowledgeable, passionate people. It seems like the internet - or even Mastodon - should help make this easier. But somehow finding the right person to ask doesn’t feel so much easier.

Things I will be doing if Apple goes ahead with its plans to violate the sanctity of your devices:

- Remove Better Blocker from the iOS and Mac app stores.

- Stop recommending Apple as a privacy-protecting alternative outside of China (already wasn’t in China)

- Stop using an iPhone and not buy another Apple phone/computer (had already moved my daily driver dev machine to Linux three years ago).

- Not write another line of code for their platforms.


#apple #privacy

Woof. Just finished Robert A. Heinlein's "Double Star." This is a story of intrigue and deception that somehow fails to inspire or entertain.


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