I personally could do with a couple of slow news days.

Or weeks.

Or months.

@halfbyte Logging off of twitter has helped me a lot.

I catch myself at least thrice a day opening a twitter tab, only to be reminded that I want to reduce consumption and presence there.

I need the same for news sites.

@schnittchen Yeah, I definitely need to cut down my twitter consumption again. (I did so massively at the beginning of last year, but slowly got back into it). But maybe you're right and just for self care I also need to cut down on my news consumption.

On the other hand, lots of stuff that is too bad and too important to ignore, but again, necessary self care probably trumps (aaagrhh) that at least temporarily.


@halfbyte So much of news is really not interesting, not relevant, you can't change anything about it, things will be different in a few weeks etc. etc. But almost all of it is depressing or enraging.


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@schnittchen @halfbyte get a news media that does one release per week or less to inform you about important things. No need to check in daily.

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