Sometimes, `git rebase -i HEAD~2`, then flipping the commit order and `git commit --amend` is just the most convenient way to amend the second last commit. πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

@schnittchen Yes, I definitely underuse `--fixup`, and that would probably be the proper way to do it indeed. However, I'm currently grooming an example repository to show clear steps for an article I'm writing, so there's a lot of rebasing going on. I tend to lose track of the fixup commits, and autosquashing them is another step to take.

@jkreeftmeijer if the demo is not about how to use git, it should probably do things more manually then...

@schnittchen Actually, it's a demo for an article where I implement a minimal HTTP server in Elixir. It needs some setup to work out at the end of the article, so I'm constantly changing past commits.

I do admit, though, I swapped the commits and amended out of laziness. πŸ™Š

@jkreeftmeijer You're a much more prolific writer than me!

I have ~3 Elixir blogpost topics in my pipeline and I cannot finish a single one :(

@schnittchen Aw, thanks! πŸ€—

Are you stuck on those articles because you can't find the time to finish them, or because you need input/editing from somebody? Please let me know if I can help!

@jkreeftmeijer I feel like I have plenty to say, although it always looks a bit superficial (like this cheap trick Motivation and time are the problem that gets me stuck.

@schnittchen Oh, that’s a familiar feeling. Remember that your readers have a different experience level than you. You’ve spent time researching your subject, and they didn’t.

Also, I like the scenario article, because it shows the flaws using nested contexts and provides a clean solution to overcome them.

If you have time to work on it, let’s get one of your drafts published this month. Which one’s the most done? :)


@jkreeftmeijer There's a story to be told about the feature toggle I used to switch the entire core logic of my elixir application. Lots of stuff to say about feature toggles in general (although I can simply link Kent Beck for that).

The interesting juice is how I managed to handle asynchronous full-stack (browser) tests in the presence of the toggle, hijacking the transport mechanism behind Ecto sandbox mode...

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