I've made a quick price comparison at the local supermarket: Meat balls against vegetarian "meat balls". What's your estimate on the price ration (per kg), (with meat) / (without meat) ?

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The majority of you was correct: the "fake meat" version was FOUR times as expensive.

Now what does that mean?

Here's my take:

* There still is some scarcity in vegetarian consumer products. Unusual here in DE to find the same vegetarian product from different brands in a shelf
* Consumers of vegetarian producers act out of conviction and are willing to pay a premium

It is up to debate how much of the 4x factor can be attributed to the conviction premium, but I bet it's the most important factor.

@schnittchen Damn, I voted the wrong way around .. and there's no way for me to take it back 😞

@schnittchen the only mitigating factor there is if the real meat ones were uncooked, since they lose weight in the cooking, where veg ones are ready to eat.

@pixelpaperyarn I think I would microwave them, and see hardly any reduction. Anyway I'm only dealing with ballpark numbers here!

I'd also argue that the specificity of the customer request ("I want meat balls, but without the meat, make it happen") adds to it. You can (I reckon) get away at the same or a lower price for the same nutrients if you're not looking for an exact equivalent of a meat product.

And why would you? Many great dishes are vegetarian or vegan by default, without requiring a meat replacement to feel right.

@solarkraft I went for balls because of their convenience factor.

My hunch here really is: we need decent non-overpriced convenience vegetarian food, if we want to get the masses to reduce their meat consumption.

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@schnittchen MCDonalds just announced they would launch the Big Veggie in Germany on the 29th of this month; vegan burger but big.

Maybe they can move the market a bit?

Even though I Ioathe that chain, that would go a long way towards normalizing, and that is urgently needed.

@schnittchen @solarkraft also prefer stuff that doesn't appear as fake meat or whatever other fake stuff and acknowledge that vegetarian is not a healthy option for everyone

@CyReVolt @schnittchen @solarkraft to whom is being vegetarian unhealthy? Maybe predators?

@CyReVolt @schnittchen @solarkraft Believe it or not, this question was an honest one. I do hear this argument a lot that living on a vegetarian diet is unhealthy. I just cannot understand it.
Sorry, if this triggered something in you to label me as a troll. Welcome! πŸ™‚

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