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hi I'm new here, I'm scholla, you may know me from twitter (@olscholla) or tumblr (@scholla) or instagram (schollla); I'm currently trying to get more back into drawing so let's start a new account as well!
btw you can read a comic I illustrate on !!

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hi guys who binds, apparently gc2b is having a 15% off sale from now until February 4 at midnight EST with the code FebFlash2018

scales on human and there is a tent in his pants ok? 

I'd like to say that, as a person who tries to draw comics, I would DIE for a stronger linework skill

scales on human and there is a tent in his pants ok? 

scales on human and there is a tent in his pants ok? 

hello I posted it yesterday on ig and bird site with a wrong date! it's damn 2018 already!!

the bee enthusiast and her friend!

do you sometimes suddenly remember that you weren't that much of a hetero as a child?
I just remembered 6 or 7 year old me, cutting a photo of a naked lady out of the last page of my grandparents newspaper X"D

sorry for getting quiet. I'm very tired mentally and emotionally because of the new job - I like it and it's helpong me with things like being afraid of phone calls but still I'm new and it's stressful. I wish I could spend more time on drawing, but I just sleep after work. tomorrow I'm gonna get a stationary bike so at least I'm gonna move my ass more often......

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[rt’s immensely appreciated!]
hiya friends, i’m opening up commissions! paypal only, please email directly at or dm on any site to get in touch! 🌟 thank you!!

#illustration #mastoart #creativetoots #art #creative #originalcharacter #ocs #oc #characterdesign #commission #commissions #commissionsopen

A HUGE AND WELL DESERVED SHOUT OUT for this great repair guy who
a) fixed my drowned phone and not-charging tablet
b) forgot I was supposed to pay extra 200PLN for replacing phone's screen
c) didn't say a word about this really visible porn in my phone's gallery

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I'm honestly so scared that my phone is fucked up beyond repair or the repair guys will make it kinda work, but not all the functions will be ok (like, cameras? speakers? idk?)

I DON'T HAVE THE MONEY FOR THIS and I have so much of bad luck???? that would be so me

I just want to be free of this anxiety, waiting for news is the worst!!!!

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doodle of my oc heimdar! He's the creator of the daemon, monsters and spirits. he painted creatures in his world into existence using different mediums like watercolors, inks and paints. then he'll just chill with them since the other creators don't care for him very much lolol

btw!!! happy new year matsodon!! < :


this is such a weird, weird feeling when you look up for refs of a character and you find your very old art of said chara in google on sites you've never put it on

yep, phone's most likely dead

this is for sure what I needed the most, spending more money

bye, my first tattoo, bye, stationary bike, bye, good hairdresser, also we will see each other a bit later, my new computer

I think my phone is dead after being dropped into a toilet
what a way to finish a year

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