Wonder how mastodon is going to cope with scaling.…

Putting it in perspective - (random chosen celeb) Chrissy Tiegen’s account on twitter has ~10x more followers than mastodon has users…

Is running on one server? Or is it load balanced across multiple? Is that even possible at this stage of Mastodon’s evolution?

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@raruler 32 cores for 10,000 weekly users.

That seems super expensive!

@schwa the Legends should run their own vanity instance... and would be a really cool domain at that. 😜

@echoz yeah but that doesn’t actually offload the cost. If there are a zillion followers here....

@schwa haven’t read the specs in detail, but wouldn’t the instance with the user with the most followers have the onus to push updates to those followers?

@schwa Now might be the time to come up with an alternative to Fail Whale. Fail...Megalodon?

@schwa Seriously though, if this gets any kind of real traction, I’d expect the same kind of growing pains twitter had back in the day. Pretty much inevitable.

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