Viewing a house today that just went on the market.

Expect to be totally over bid by people people buckets of cash.


“Oh did we tell you we’re having an open house and accepting offersd next week?

Oh we’re sorry we’re talking the first cash offer that comes out way.”

Yeah so much for that dream house.

This whole thing is shitty, with a big nasty pile of reasons why.

Our first cash try on a Colorado pile of rocks lost to no contingencies cash that appeared out of nowhere. For a property that doesn't have a (40-50k, no guarantees) water source.

And we have the luxury of waiting. (Fyi: also do not look at construction labor/materials.)

I swear I'm gonna build a telecommute commune for friends priced out. Oh wait, single family zoning. (On 35 acres.)

So very fucked up.

@schwa The last open house I went to was under contract 2 days earlier, they still have the open house so their realtor could talk to viewers about selling their homes.

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