Hoping this new Tusk beta is a little less crashy. So far tusk seems to be the best mastodon client I’ve come across. Which is good because i think client quality is the biggest turn off right now and the one thing thrust could drive me back to the bad place over time.

@schwa Where can get the 411 on that client? The Googles... they do nothing.

So far not loving the ones that exist.

@schwa @mccarron 👋 Yep, it's pretty new—don't even have a landing page or anything. You can sign up to try it at though!

@schwa there's no way to see either local nor federated timelines in Tusk ATM, right?

@schwa Just a heads up: I doubt this build will be less crashy. It was the last build to flesh out stub functionality, and I'm starting major bug fixes on Monday 😁

@pcperini No worries. Understand it’s very pre-pre-release. Keep up the good work.

@schwa I hate that loses my place in the timeline.

But so many of its other qualities are appreciated.

@schwa Have you tried Toot! ( yet? It’s not fully featured, but it’s very good.

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