Adventures in house buying. One of the houses we tried to buy sold for exactly what we were going to put up as an offer. Except we foolishly decided to wait for the offers due by date. Someone came in and snagged it before the house had even had its scheduled open house. Annoying.

@schwa your stories about this honestly make me wonder if perpetually renting is the less stressful option

@steve_holt Oh just wait for my “i’ve bought a house in the bay area and now prices have dropped by 40%” stories.

@schwa @steve_holt you know when that happens I’ll be there, ready like the hawk

@schwa @steve_holt with what the house would cost otherwise, I can provide multiple.

@schwa gotta move fast! We got our current house that way and probably pissed off a bunch of other people, but if you snooze you lose! 😛

@schwa Portland reality also. Gotta be aggressive (though things maybe slowed down a little this summer? Not sure - I was gone).

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