“1Password 7” cannot be open during installation

Is the most annoying dialog ever.

Any @1Password folks here?

@schwa I believe that's a rule enforced by the MAS, not 1Password. I just got it on Ulysses, Slack, Fantastical, etc.

@chartier Yes. But I should be able to quit 1Password without having to unlock it.

Other apps quit and restart fine. 1Password hides the quit menu unless you’re logged into it.

It’s a flaw with their design.

@chartier MAS can happily quit most apps and relaunch them as needed. It’ll prompt - but just as a courtesy.

@tapi @schwa Sorry about that. It should be fixed for the next update, but this time you'll need to quit 1Password completely before the update. Control-Option-Command-Q will get that done.

Let me know if you run into any problems.

@schwa I ended up overwriting it with the non-MAS version (yay for receipts), just to get around that. The CheckForUpdates in the non-MAS version quits it just fine.
I have already registered with one of the devs my displeasure of having to unlock to quit 1PW. It is annoying.

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