So a three day FBI investigation is thorough and rigorous eh?

This is going to be so useful when I let an inadequately tested feature slip into a build.

It’s really hard to actually put into words how completely and utterly dismayed I am by the news lately.

Dismayed with a huge dose of numbness/resignation perhaps?

@schwa If you are currently accepting 2¢, I’d recommend taking breaks from it. That shit can send me into bad spirals so I learned that I need to step away. Figure out whatever that looks like for you to stay grounded.

@schwa even more fun when you can’t do anything about it and yet it still affects you. Granted there is also that element of an easy escape hatch to just move home...

@schwa I stopped paying attention to guard my sanity. It's appalling.

@schwa Oh, the rules were set to make it all fail. They want to make sure they have their weapon in the war against women on the supreme court.

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