We put an offer on a house yesterday. One that my wife is describing as her dream home. We should hear today if it’s ours but early signs look good.

I’m bloody terrified about buying in this climate but hey I’ll no longer be spending 3.5 hours a day commuting to work.

Looks like I’m going to be enjoying my morning coffee from here in a few weeks.

Did it.

@schwa you could look at it this way; you have the blessing that you can actually afford a place of your own and even if the market changes it just means others do as well. Plus if it really is a huge collapse of the market there is always refinancing as an eventual option.

@schwa no kidding? That is fantastic news. Glad for your wife that she could get her dream house.

@schwa Congrats. The journey to ownership in that area sounds fatiguing.

@schwa Whoa! Very nice! Congratulations to both of you.

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