Features sorely needed in a client (may or may not already exist)

1) Image thumbnails. Your stupid cat photo should NOT take over my entire timeline screen.
2) Per account disable re-blog. You re-blog too much. Your privileges have been revoked.
3) Easy follow/unfollow. Most apps require too many clicks
4) Optionall ignore content-warnings. They're overused to the point of uselessness. I don’t care for them. I'll survive.

5) Sophisticated keyword/user/hashtag muting (time-based & permanent). Your trend is annoying/you're annoying. I never want to hear/read the word fediverse again.
6) Some mechanism to find mastodon accounts from the twitter account you follow. This is probably an opportunity for a different service - but integration into a client would be good
7) Multiple account support
7a) Every post/reply dialog has a "account to reply from" popup selector.
*) Just copy all UI and functionality of TweetBot

(Getting to the nice to have…)

8) Auto-delete posts. This stuff shouldn't last forever (should be built-in to service)
9) Tools to help manager followings
9a) Mass unfollow tools
9b) Ability to (privately) fav or tag users or add notes to accounts.
10) Subscribe to public blocklists. I assume the russian trolls are here already?


Oh can't believe i forgot this one

11) (Optionally) Hide fav/reblog counts and favs/reblog notifications and UI. You don't need to see a score for everything you say online.

12) Forced alt text/captions for image and movie uploads. Prevent users from uploading anything that would benefit from alt-text.

Let's treat accessibility as a requirement and not an afterthought (he says, tacking this on as the 12th item in a list…)

@schwa The web client has a lot of these, I think – disable reblog/boost, ignore content warnings, muting (‘filters’ in settings), auto delete posts, and follow/following management (in settings). Apps are definitely a bit spotty in which features the expose! I don’t think any of them make everything available.

@alex yeah I figure most of this is available but the current UIs are definitely lacking. Being used to TweetBot which is really best in breed Twitter app (sorry @bigzaphod) coming to any other client is a huge downgrade.

@schwa @alex @bigzaphod totally agreed that “copy Tweetbot” is the correct starting point (also, agreed, “sorry…). So far I’ve found that Toot has about half of the things you’ve listed (though it’s working very hard to be cutesy, which is fine, but I prefer “do the job”).

@schwa @cocoaphony @bigzaphod Yeah, I respect what it's doing, but it's not for me (but it seems lots of people love it!). Right now I'm using a mix of the official iOS app and the web app for things it can't do yet (local timeline is a big one for me)

@alex @schwa @cocoaphony I've been trying to get by with the official app and the website, but both are lacking in a *lot* of ways and it's really annoying because I just don't think I have the time to start making a new client.

@bigzaphod @alex @schwa @cocoaphony I think one of the goals of the official app might be to be inadequate, pushing people to try other things.

@tewha @bigzaphod @alex @schwa @cocoaphony The official app is open-source so in theory you could contribute (we would definitely appreciate another iOS developer...). That being said no way I'm getting rid of our elephant illustrations.

@Gargron @tewha @alex @schwa @cocoaphony oh! I'm not quite sure how I didn't realize the official iOS client is open source, but that makes perfect sense and seems like it should have been obvious in hindsight.

@Gargron For the record, it wasn’t a complaint. I like the local timeline and think it’s important, for example. You don’t. That’s fine. It encourages me to find another client. I don’t have to hate your decisions in your client to want something else. And that’s great. 😀

@Gargron …I probably should have said it's not important for you for your client. And you're probably right for the general case!

@Gargron @tewha @bigzaphod @schwa @cocoaphony I've been meaning to get back into iOS dev, so it might be a nice summer project to try and scratch a few itches (and I love the elephant illustrations, so I'm glad they're a hard requirement ✨)

@bigzaphod @alex @schwa @cocoaphony I'm curious what you all make of @metabolist's Metatext. So far it's been the best match for me, and it's also open-source: github.com/metabolist/metatext

@jwisser ooh, gonna have to check this out. I really enjoy Toot! but this might be worth a shot, as long as it has custom emoji support, etc

@lotus42 Not sure about custom emoji support. And I just read through @metabolist's timeline and found out it's been EOL'd. 🙃 Maybe someone will pick it back up? Pretty please?

@jwisser @lotus42 As much as I liked Metatext, I think it’s for the best that there’s official apps now. I’m glad the platform makes third party apps much easier than Twitter, but the mobile experience is too important to leave to the chance of individual projects

@schwa @cocoaphony @alex @bigzaphod Works well on the M1 as an iPad app. I don't know of any great desktop clients.

@cocoaphony @schwa @alex well I mean if you go back far enough it was really tweetbot that copied twitterrific so... copying tweetbot is a bit like copying twitterrific too, right? (Okay I'm reaching a bit...)

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