Features sorely needed in a client (may or may not already exist)

1) Image thumbnails. Your stupid cat photo should NOT take over my entire timeline screen.
2) Per account disable re-blog. You re-blog too much. Your privileges have been revoked.
3) Easy follow/unfollow. Most apps require too many clicks
4) Optionall ignore content-warnings. They're overused to the point of uselessness. I don’t care for them. I'll survive.

5) Sophisticated keyword/user/hashtag muting (time-based & permanent). Your trend is annoying/you're annoying. I never want to hear/read the word fediverse again.
6) Some mechanism to find mastodon accounts from the twitter account you follow. This is probably an opportunity for a different service - but integration into a client would be good
7) Multiple account support
7a) Every post/reply dialog has a "account to reply from" popup selector.
*) Just copy all UI and functionality of TweetBot

(Getting to the nice to have…)

8) Auto-delete posts. This stuff shouldn't last forever (should be built-in to service)
9) Tools to help manager followings
9a) Mass unfollow tools
9b) Ability to (privately) fav or tag users or add notes to accounts.
10) Subscribe to public blocklists. I assume the russian trolls are here already?

Oh can't believe i forgot this one

11) (Optionally) Hide fav/reblog counts and favs/reblog notifications and UI. You don't need to see a score for everything you say online.


12) Forced alt text/captions for image and movie uploads. Prevent users from uploading anything that would benefit from alt-text.

Let's treat accessibility as a requirement and not an afterthought (he says, tacking this on as the 12th item in a list…)

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