Use Automator’s Quick Actions to create actions for the Finder to open a directory in or your favourite git gui…

Looks like I’m going to be enjoying my morning coffee from here in a few weeks.

Did it.

(Oops that isn’t what that example shows actually - wrong snippet. But hey. That would actually be this snippet…)

Have become rather enamoured with jq for filtering/transforming json and MS Code’s jq “workbook”. Work with json files live.

(Example shows taking values with key “tag” and splitting the value into an array by spaces)

Been getting a lot of iTunes subscription based phishing attempts.

This could easily fool someone…

(And yes reported)

This went on for three straight days before the baseball bat was delivered via amazon prime.

Been really liking my Ten One Design power cable. I carry a powerbrick with me all the time and this is a great approvement over the stock cable. The LED light in it is magic too (

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