This went on for three straight days before the baseball bat was delivered via amazon prime.

Been really liking my Ten One Design power cable. I carry a powerbrick with me all the time and this is a great approvement over the stock cable. The LED light in it is magic too (

No one is planning on moving too much today

SF’s new transit center does not smell of piss quite yet. Give it a few days

First ride into the new San Francisco transit center

The only clean travel mug I could find makes me look dangerously festive.

We picked a great day to bring out of town friends to see the Golden Gate Bridge

Using this to understand how the Mastodon API works and to look at MastodonKit.

API has some _weird_ choices that are going to be very expensive as user count and especially network effect (e.g more users following each other) grows.

MastodonKit has made too much of their API private which means it’s very very hard to extend it from user code. Having to fork their codebase to even make minor extensions to MastodonKit. Poor access control decisions.

This is what running your own instance looks like.

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