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@schwa cueing “well actually Nyarthalotep is a Outer God not a Great Old One”...

Putting an offer on house #2. Let’s see if the great old ones will accept the sacrifices this time.

All hail Nyarthalotep

Viewing a house today that just went on the market.

Expect to be totally over bid by people people buckets of cash.

That last 0.1 trillion dollars didn’t take long.

Hello 10 core iMac Pro. Where have you been all my life?

It'd sometimes be kind of neat if let you do this:

draw(at: .(x: 1, y: 2))

Spent the day viewing houses in the peninsula. By the time we finished viewing the last house of the day the first had already sold for $200K above list price.

This market is nuts.

I have some swift sqlite3 code that works just fine when the code is compiled and ran as part of one binary. But when the code is isolated out into a framework sqlite3_column_type() always returns the wrong value. (other APIs like sqlite3_column_name() work fine though).

I feel quite conundrumed.

Also debugging/editing them from MS Code is a joy.

Taking the time to set up ansible scripts for my Macs was one of my smartest moves.

Caroline Chan and her team at UC Berkeley doing some really top-notch stuff with video sampling and synthesis, Given a video of person A performing an expert dance, and person B moving arms and legs randomly, they can map the movements of A onto the samples of B and create a video of B performing the dance.

Could Trump actually be more of a whiney petulant child?

Also what’s up with Liechtenstein?

It’s not really a country is it?

It’s more like the Pluto of Europe.

Also downloading shit, just to copy it onto your Cloud folder and watch it upload again.

So silly.

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