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Debating taking the pup to the dog daycare place so i can WFH today without interuption (guilt inducing brown eyes staring at me…)

This went on for three straight days before the baseball bat was delivered via amazon prime.

Been really liking my Ten One Design power cable. I carry a powerbrick with me all the time and this is a great approvement over the stock cable. The LED light in it is magic too (

A couple of months ago I was focusing on work, diet, exercise, learning japanese - and doing well with each. Then I burnt out.

Now I only have energy for work.

It’s fascinating how energy levels/depression levels cycle so much throughout the year.

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Pizza for lunch and dinner.

We can safely say I am _off_ the diet.

Don’t watch the Watch “Real Stories" health video if you don’t want to be a blubbering fool on the shuttle…

(Bottom of

Plus 30 minutes waiting for next coach because BART has decided to suck

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Today’s commute: 25 min drive. 22 mins BART. 1h25 coach.

So considering my mother in law had a mild heart attack last night the new EKG feature in Watch is very timely.

Series 4 for EVERYONE?

Watching Apple event at home because of earlier airplane shenanigans.

Getting up at 3 am for a flight made more bearable by the fact you’re not the one flying.

So my wife is about to fly straight into the (projected) path of Hurricane Florence because her mom just had heart trouble in SC.

Hopefully Florence will just be strong wind and rain by the time it gets to her.

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