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I thought i was glad to see my wife come home

But it was nothing compared to Cocoa seeing my wife when we picked her up from doggie day care.

One excited dog.

Watching the entirety of today’s Trump Q&A so you don’t have to. I feel dumber with every minute.

Adventures in house buying. One of the houses we tried to buy sold for exactly what we were going to put up as an offer. Except we foolishly decided to wait for the offers due by date. Someone came in and snagged it before the house had even had its scheduled open house. Annoying.

My wife comes home today from SC after two weeks of caring for her mom. (Who is doing well now). These two weeks are the longest we’ve been apart in (almost) twenty years of a marriage.

Been getting a lot of iTunes subscription based phishing attempts.

This could easily fool someone…

(And yes reported)

The whole Kavanaugh thing is turning into dumpster fire of the highest order.

Those new space screen savers on AppleTV are the most amazing videos ever.

I loved and adored the previous sets but this new batch is just wow.

Debating taking the pup to the dog daycare place so i can WFH today without interuption (guilt inducing brown eyes staring at me…)

This went on for three straight days before the baseball bat was delivered via amazon prime.

Been really liking my Ten One Design power cable. I carry a powerbrick with me all the time and this is a great approvement over the stock cable. The LED light in it is magic too (

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