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Have become rather enamoured with jq for filtering/transforming json and MS Code’s jq “workbook”. Work with json files live.

(Example shows taking values with key “tag” and splitting the value into an array by spaces)

Japan tickets booked. This’ll be my fifth trip (and the longest gap between visiting)

Prices were super cheap.

Going to be fun visiting knowing a little bit more Japanese

Fox News cut ties with a network contributor on Thursday after he referred to the women who have accused Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault as "lying skanks.”

Look how great America is becoming. Thanks Trump!

“1Password 7” cannot be open during installation

Is the most annoying dialog ever.

Any @1Password folks here?

Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (R-S.C.), a Judiciary Committee member, described Ford as “a nice lady who has come forward to tell a hard story that is uncorroborated.”

What a shit stain excuse for a person.

They’re going to double down on uncorroborated and defer to the side of nomination.

Yes it was a foregone conclusion but it makes me so fucking angry.

Seems clear that Kavanaugh is getting in. Fuck

Fear of flying?

Ohhhhhhhhhh. That’s what you’re picking on?

Trump rambled incoherently for an hour and a half last night. He couldn’t stay on any topic for more than a few seconds and didn’t answer any question asked of him without derailing. In other words typical Trump.

It’s sad that this has become so normal that hardly any news organisation is bothering to comment on how fucking insane this is.

We have a cut price Caligula in charge of the country now and we’re all just numb to it.

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I thought i was glad to see my wife come home

But it was nothing compared to Cocoa seeing my wife when we picked her up from doggie day care.

One excited dog.

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Watching the entirety of today’s Trump Q&A so you don’t have to. I feel dumber with every minute.

Adventures in house buying. One of the houses we tried to buy sold for exactly what we were going to put up as an offer. Except we foolishly decided to wait for the offers due by date. Someone came in and snagged it before the house had even had its scheduled open house. Annoying.

My wife comes home today from SC after two weeks of caring for her mom. (Who is doing well now). These two weeks are the longest we’ve been apart in (almost) twenty years of a marriage.

Been getting a lot of iTunes subscription based phishing attempts.

This could easily fool someone…

(And yes reported)

The whole Kavanaugh thing is turning into dumpster fire of the highest order.

Those new space screen savers on AppleTV are the most amazing videos ever.

I loved and adored the previous sets but this new batch is just wow.

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