We have a tree in our yard that, by some estimates could be 300 years old. Who knows if that is right. In the last big storm it dropped a limb as a warning shot to let us know who’s boss. I count 50-60 rings in the older growth area of this limb, no idea how many are in that white outer ring. This limb is older than me, maybe much older. Respect your elders.

Tree guys are doing a bunch of work in the yard including removing some huge downed limbs. It takes a special kind of bad ass to climb trees with a chainsaw.

First tenet of heavy machinery: if you have machinery (back hoe, fork lift, etc…) on site, use it for everything.

Don’t move those barrels by hand, use the back hoe. Even if it might be easier by hand, use the equipment. Equipment is your friend

sappy, don’t read 🤔 

I left Facebook a few years ago and joined mastodon (via the now defunct mastodon.club). I now consider some of you touchstones of my online life. Far more interesting and beautiful than some of the irl people I interact with. You know who you are. Thanks for keeping it weird.

Pro-tip: you can re-carbonate flat Lambrusco using a soda stream.

Wells Fargo got slapped with a $250M dollar fine for dragging its feet on compensating the victims of its predatory practices and… its stock went up because that fine was “less punitive than feared”. Wtaf

Foo fighters announced an impromptu concert tomorrow for the reopening of 9:30 club. Of course, the tickets immediately sold out 😩

I do the best I can to use privacy respecting services but, in the end, it’s important to remember that they are not your friend and act accordingly.


Tonight the town pool is closing for the season which means… annual dog swim. Who let the dogs out!

I’m mending fences with my neighbor. Literally.

Logs I use to line my back path came loose in the torrential rains from the last storm and took out part of his fence.

This poor guy bought a house in a valley just downhill from us and these summer storms dump two feet of water into his first floor. It’s a confluence of surface water from his uphill neighbors (me) and a poorly designed town storm sewer. I try to use berms to slow the water down on my property, but you can fight water.

@sconlan it’s a big gap in my musical education but, to be fair, my taste in music started with Def Leppard, Twisted Sister and Ratt. High school was NIN and Ministry. Now it’s Lamb of God but also Sasquatch and Red Fang. I think that stoner/doom metal has brought me back full circle to Steppenwolf, Iron Butterfly and Deep Purple. What’s old is new.

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I keep noticing that lots of metal bands (Pantera, Metallica) list Deep Purple among their top influences. I think it’s about time I pick up an album or two and looked beyond “Smoke on the water”

Apple pausing roll out of on-phone CSAM detection. Translation, “We deployed that with a bit too much fanfare. Next time quieter and buried in a mundane looking update.”


@sconlan Garbage is on. There’s a couple in front of me and the lady is rocking out. Her dude in the Lamb of God shirt could be meditating, or dead. I feel you brother.

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I bought my wife lawn tickets to Alanis Morisette for her birthday. Since we still like each other after all these years, she decided she wanted me to go with her. I’m wearing my Sasquatch work shirt in subtle protest. Garbage and Cat Power are opening, which could be good.

I’ve previously bought her tickets for Pink and Andy Grammer. I’ve slept in line for Dixie Chicks. She’s never once offered to go with me to Lamb of God or Meshuggah or Cannibal Corpse.

The other day I opened an invite to a virtual meeting and it was on Google Meet. It took me a minute to remember Google even had a Zoom alternative. There was time when every new Google project was expected to kill its competitors. “Don’t bother making it if Google could do it in a long weekend”. Now, I feel like all they’re good at is serving ads and licensing Android.


I like Twelve Foot Ninja but you can’t honestly think you can just hand over song writing to GPT-3 and nobody will notice…


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