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So I received some webcam blockers in the mail today, and wasted no time in using them on my devices. I felt great until I realized that I had just covered up THREE video cameras in my *bedroom*. Including one that I take with me everywhere I go.

Now I just feel... tainted lol

Now that I've got the up and running (and customised to the nth degree) I've decided to take a crack at learning some code on the raspberry pi

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If you want a revolution, make sure you know what it’s for, and not merely against.

Good lesson from previous revolutions.

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Did you do anything to take care of yourself today?

Now that the is up and running, configured the way I like it, has all the programs I want installed... I'm bored :(

Today I unearthed the very first USB thumb drive I ever bought; 512MB! And it still works!

I was trying to get a photo of it while the read/write LED was flashing, but because of its small size all the operations I tried to get it to flash were completed so quickly that I couldn't catch it lol

So I removed the branding from the today.

Because it's not a Dell any more; it's a SCUMBAG (TM).

Looks quite good having just a clean circle on the back. Might still cover it with a sticker anyway.

Make it ugly. Make it work. Make it yours.

So, that was fun. After a couple of hours XFCE looks and functions mostly like Cinnamon did straight out of the box. Some things are still missing though; system sounds, ability to remap capslock to mute, other minor things.

The upside is that it''s easier on the RAM than Cinnamon.

Normally not an issue, but I'm working with the

That's a testament to the power of Linux - breathing new life into old (shitty, broken, cheap) hardware.

So just as I get everything set up exactly the way I like it, I find that Cinnamon keeps maxing out the RAM on my Scumbag laptop... all 2G of it 😐

So now I've had to install XFCE instead. The online consensus seems to be that it's awesome once it's customized, but we'll see. It's definitely much more lightweight, that's for sure.

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Current battlestation setup:

Janky old wooden chair with low back, pillow as cushion

Scumbag* laptop sitting on a set of drawers (so I can't get my legs underneath and have to stretch to type)

Stack of books behind laptop with ipad mini propped up playing a video / music while I shitpost / try to force the scumbag lappy to play minecraft without exploding.

*see previous toots

@steckerhalter Considering that you previously thought that capital letters were part of spelling, and were unaware as to how they are correctly used, I'm guessing orthography is new to you also.

Looking for suggestions: what can I use to remove old sticker goo from my laptop?

Don't have: Wd40
Already tried: Dish soap

It seems clear that as a proper noun, the Internet deserves a capital letter, but yet it rarely seems to get one.

I wonder if there is a link between the ubiquity of the net and the casual dropping of the capital letter, and if this transition could be traced back to a particular point in time?

Mastodon people: Does anyone know of a trustworthy third party client for facebook messenger for iphone? Does such a thing even exist?

“Wild wild country” - an absolutely enthralling documentary series about the rise and fall of an Indian cult in the United States. Highly recommend checking it out.

So incredibly happy today to discover that dd now has a built in progress feature! Just add “status=progress” when you start the job.

Although this does put an end to the game of dd sweepstakes where you take bets on when the job will finish lol

So twitter just locked my account and forcesd me to give them my phone number to restore access to my account and prove that I’m not a bot.

What was I tweeting about? I was replying to someone about how google is locking google drive accounts that contain (legal) pornography, and recommending that people back up their data and look for open source alternatives.

Fuck you, twitter. Fuck you right in the arsehole.

So I've realised lately that I'm always happiest when I have a "scumbag" laptop, an old model that barely runs, that I have to fix and replace parts on, that I have to extensively google answers on how to solve all the quirks and problems for. Now I finally understand why my Dad always had a half-finished car in the garage beside his daily driver.

Current model is a 2012 Dell Inspiron N4050.

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