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Hate to be a killjoy and everything but since we were so on top of how to format hashtags for screenreaders, can we stop with the symbol memes?

It's completely unreadable and just sounds like absolute hell.

Good evening everyone, hope all is well tonight

Question: Is anyone here married and has a huge crush on someone or at least like them a lot, but they are married as well? I'm just curious if I am the only one or if this is common

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RT tips for Microsoft Stream:
- Enable captions and subtitles in the player
- Live captioning in the player
- Change the look of captions and subtitles
- Hot Keys
- Tab Focus
- Screen reader use
- High contrast
All here:


Hello everybody, this is the first post from my phone. Android app it sounds like it is and it works pretty well I think so far bye

Trying to figure out here why i only got search results one time.

Hi everyone. I am new here just trying to figure this whole thing out. It is confusing to me. I am from Pennsylvania and i'm 48 years old right now. I made a profile on here which has some of my interests also. I'm sure I'll get this soon but like i said its kind of confusing how to find different groups to join. I think i got down favoriting and boosting, i think. Just press the button, right? Anyway, hope to be able to participate more soon. :)

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RT Children are not property.
You do not own your children.
You can't decide their identity.
You can't decide who they love.
You can't decide what they like.
You can't decide what they hate.

It's not your decision!
Get over it!


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