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Scott Crawford @scottcrawford

@noelle Let me know how that goes, and if someone who you're trying to influence does something truly repugnant to another user (and they inevitably will), please, promise us all that you'll own it and course-correct.

@noelle I give it about 8 seconds before it's taken advantage of. Cult members gotta cult member.

Control of who sees what, who can read what, and who can tell who to get fucked...that really should be client-side, rather than server-side. This thing was allegedly built to get away from the cabals and monopolies and walled gardens and helplessness. Get the fuck to work on that.

And yeah, I think privacy settings need to be rewritten, because what we've done with the most recent update ain't gonna cut it. And yeah, I also think instance admins need to grow empathy and courage in equal amounts.

@GinnyMcQueen I'm sorry that people are being rat fucks. And if you can read this, rat fucks, yes, you're being rat fucks.

I swear, I go away for like a day and all hell breaks loose.

@GinnyMcQueen If you can find me enough energy to get up and shower in the next 15 minutes, that'd be terrific. No pressure, though. I know the stuff don't grow on trees.

Now, I fully expect to hear from someone that This Isn't How This Works, and that I Just Don't Understand Federation and so forth, but I don't actually give a rat's ass, if I'm being honest.

Again, we're here because we're trying to break free of platforms that lift their leg and pee on our privacy, consent, etc., so I think it stands to reason that our practices, even if they're unwieldy on the coding side, should be fairer than that of those other platforms.

So I'm thinking that a reversal of position would make more sense from an end user perspective (though it might be a mess to recode) re: Authorized Followers.

Thinking that, rather than making users blacklist instances when unwanted people from those possibly unwanted instances follow, having users whitelist those people/instances if they want to share data that's more sensitive than public posts with them would be/would have been the more sensible way to go.

And no, I'm not interested in hearing about how privacy is a lie. I get all that. I'm just testing new features to see how they work.

So, yeah, my advice for the night:

1. If you lock your account now (like, since the update), double-check to make sure it's really locked.

2. Going by all the bot traffic from there, and some of the other shit that's already happened, I don't think that it's a bad idea to put pawoo on the other side of The Great Wall Of You.

@Jourdan Yup, that's normal. Just locked it. Wanted to test out Authorized Followers.

@maloki @soylacomadreja I think I have it sorted now, but yeah, initially, locking the account did not take.

In other news, writing a will is a fucking pain in the ass.

OK, interestingly, first attempt to lock the account under Mac Firefox did not work. Box was checked, but it didn't take. Second try took care of it (and locked my posts by default).

@soylacomadreja Thanks for confirming. Just wanted to make sure things were *sorta* functioning the way it looked like they were. I may have to check known issues to see if that's one.

Also: from looking through my followers just now, this is probably an old story, but pawoo really is a rogue fuckin' instance, innit?

@Jdeluyck I got thrown out of a show of his for stagediving during this, about 20 years ago.

@GinnyMcQueen I seem to accidentally be writing a bunch, too, but that's actually not on the to-do list.