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Scott Crawford @scottcrawford

@envgen You could ask the wardrobe supervisor from the pilot where he got it. He's still alive, and he has a Facebook account.

@envgen I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I saw this. It'd be on my monitor screen right now.

@Tasty Wow, people still fall for that ol' gag in 2017?

Also: who made off with my sunglasses?

NO ONE on AM Mastodon likes Slowdive? Really?

@wion Looked at your profile, saw you're following the whole crew and are either a fan, a colleague, or a friend. It's possible you'd be able to have a reasoned discussion about this and not report back to the lot of them about what the bad man with hardly any followers said, but I don't have high hopes, given your tone. Take care.

Anyway, onto brighter subjects.

Anyone else listen to the new Slowdive yet?

What are y'all doing for the weekend?

What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Cookie Puss, Cookie O'Puss, Cookie Chick, anybody...

Like, seriously, y'all...I've been pretty chill about basically everyone reasonable on this platform for the 4 months or so that I've been here, have I not?

@wion I've been on here since January, not the whole run but a good stretch, and while I've got the usual gang of randos, followbots and assorted fascists blocked, there's only one person in my block list where I'd actually consider it a personal dislike of what the user in question is about. I'll leave it up to you to do the homework on most of why, save for 2 words that only cover part of it: "Ello, goodbye."

@wion If you say so.

You might not know the person in question or their body of work, and might just have been curious, but your response had that air of "defending besmirched entity" to it, and frankly, though I've responded a little and am still doing it, I don't wanna make a day of it, nor do I want to deal with the person in question (hence my blocking him for the second time and asking for client-side instance blocking).

@wion Or DuckDuckGo, "if you're serious about your privacy", heh.

@wion Not really, especially not if you're planning on caping for him. If you really don't know, Google will turn up more than enough.

Great reason to have easy client-side blocking of entire instances:!

It's been almost 2 years, and I'm still playing Fallout Shelter.

Comment I just found in code I'm archiving:

<!-- HTML Generated by MacWeb on 15May97 (at 21:31:05) -->

20 year old HTML is like the Ghost of Christmas Fucking Past, innit?

@fireh9lly Good thinkin' there, and I'll keep it in mind. Thanks again!