Currently baked and starting to watch the recent remake of Jacob’s Ladder. What could go wrong

Post-thanksgiving blahs. Should try to get some drawing done while I have a day off, I suppose.

Listening to a lot of Pavement and Sonic Youth lately.

Anyone who thinks comics nerds are the worst has never met a film nerd. I say that as both

I may have just bought the rest of the 4:25 bars at the Scotia Square Dollarama, sorry not sorry

Not much leaped out me this year at the Halifax film festival but I did go out late last night and watch Gaspar Noe’s new picture called Climax, and tonight I’m checking out the new one from the director of It Follows.

Watching Nic Cage's new film Mandy, which is a pretty good stab at an 80s synthwave horror film. But sometimes it just feels like an AfterEffects demo reel.

Listening to a lot of The Posies today, wishing I could go back to the early 90s and tell my past self to do the same.

Just get through today and it’s the weekend, old man. *puts on headphones, presses play on Sonic Youth*

I think I should go as Reno from Buckaroo Banzai for Halloween this year.

I’m watching the backdoor pilot of NCIS: New Orleans and just realized to my horror that the plot is essentially that of True Detective Season 1. And now I want to see a season of True Detective.

Just once I’d love to see a comedian of my generation say “fuck Louis C.K., Bill Cosby and Roseanne, I hope those pieces of shit never work again” but so far no luck

Man, I am exhausted lately. Stress, schedule and trying to get back into some regular running and working out have been a perfect storm for the last couple of weeks. Hoping things settle down soon.

Just bought a ticket to see this year's juno winning jazz group The North playing here in Halifax on the 22nd.

Today I bought a suit for $13. Needs to be dry cleaned but otherwise seems pretty good.

Just discovered that there are rhythm games on the Nintendo eshop starring Frederic Chopin.

Just yelled “nice!” at a guy blasting Style Council from his car

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