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Scott Nesbitt

Because someone isn't interested in the language/culture you're interested in doesn't 1) make them whatever words ending in "ist" your circle likes to freely throw around, and 2) diminish your love and enthusiasm for, and your fascination with, that language or culture.

Guess what? People are different. They like and are drawn to different things. Deal with it. Grow up, and stop the knee jerk reactions.

Some doco here in NZ is "informing" the public about money. Tips so far:

* poor? you 're not working hard enough

* invest! (but we're not going to tell you how)

* "I grew up #poor, but made money in #stocks. I only had to lose $30k to learn how."

Is it really so non-obvious that #capitalism by nature can ONLY have a subset of a wealthy class? It has to trample on people so the wealthy can sit back as capital is generated for them.

But no. Must. Perpetuate. Myth.
"Everyone can get rich!"

I have to admit the kanban board plugin for TiddlyWiki is both cool and useful

It's funny how some people think they have strangers completely figured out with five minutes of meeting them

New at The Plain Text Project: Using Atom, From a Non-Techie's Perspective

Another week comes to a close. Which means I retreat from the digital world for a couple of days. Stay strange, fediverse. I'll see you on the other side

Trying to end a conversation by saying "I have to return some videotapes" doesn't seem to work anymore

The bus driver came flying around the corner so quickly this morning that I almost didn't have a chance to signal him to stop and pick me up. Pretty impressive handling of a double decker bus

I always wonder why so many people assume time travellers are from the future