OK, kids I might not have had enough of your but I'm sure you've had enough of me.

It's time once again for your dear Uncle Scotty to head offline for the weekend. Remember to stay alert, keep your BS filters tuned, and don't let the melonfarmers of the world get you down. See you on Monday!

.@nhuntwalker@twitter.com introduces the Django web app framework opensource.com/article/18/8/py (via @opensourceway@twitter.com

.@wpschaub@twitter.com shares a way you can visualize and develop a strategy for your organization opensource.com/article/18/8/vi (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

Heavy rain and rolling thunder here in Auckland. The apocalypse is upon us, brothers and sisters. I say 'Bring it' ...

Ça y est ! Le Nexus 4 est passé sous l'OS libre d'@Ubports . Difficulté à l'installer mais quel plaisir de voir tourner de nouveau un OS alternatif sur un smartphone ! Il faut soutenir le mouvement !

That's it ! Nexus 4 on Open Source OS by UBports. A little bit difficult to install but Amazing to see again a smartphone on alternative OS ! It must going on !


.@michellethong@twitter.com discusses how helps non-technical teams get things done opensource.com/article/18/8/ag (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@jehb@twitter.com explains how to navigate your desktop with only a keyboard opensource.com/article/18/8/gn (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

In 16 points, @MikeCamel@twitter.com explains how software users are like kittens opensource.com/article/18/8/us (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@JayTheLinuxGuy@twitter.com sends his 21st birthday wishes to the desktop with this article for @opensourceway@twitter.com opensource.com/article/18/8/wh

Yes, PR flack, I will just happen to be in Silicon Valley next week and would jump at the chance to interview that CE-whatever your repping to discuss a business I have zero interest in ...

.@kalin_martin@twitter.com explains HTTP request routing and validation with gorilla/mux opensource.com/article/18/8/ht (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

Learn how to turn your into a NAS to make it a safe haven for your data opensource.com/article/18/8/au (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

RT @shaunm@twitter.com: Just a few days until Write the Docs + Open Help Cincinnati. I'm much less stressed than I have been running Open Help in the past, because we have an amazing team.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/shaunm/status/1029

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