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Scott Nesbitt

Here's a little something I wrote for on managing your passwords with Bitwarden

Someone named Alice is trying really hard to get me to buy some LED solar panel strip lights ...

An alternative to something doesn't need to be a feature-for-feature replacement

So it turns out I'm not the Walrus. Does that make me the Egg Man?

Sometimes, you run into a tool that actually makes you want to use Microsoft Word

The next person who asks me if I've ever done any "real" writing gets leg locked

Is your project floundering? Here's a simple plan to get it back on the right path

Can anyone recommend a reliable make of SSD?

Maybe I was wrong about that worst sentence of the day. This one blows it out of the water: "The current stage of function only supports selection of ..."

OK, that's a sentence fragment but I couldn't bear to share the rest of it with you

Worst sentence of the day: "Drop down the list to view an extension of detail."

I know what that sentence means, but ...

Does anyone know of a simple way to rename a menu item in Emacs? I want, for example, to rename 'Visit New File' under the File menu to ... well, something else.


Purism Partners with Cryptography Pioneer Werner Koch to Create a New Encrypted Communication Standard for Security-Focused Devices

Just need to get past some deadlines, then I can install a new Linux distro on my laptop. I should really decide on which one first though

Seeing someone almost get hit by a bus makes you ponder your mortality. And how foolish some people are for stepping into the path of a bus in the first place

This is the first song that showed up in my music player this morning. I'm not sure it bodes well for the day ...