Another week bites the dust, which means ol' Uncle Scotty is heading offline for a couple of days. Take care, stay safe, and remember that even though we have differences we're all in this together. So play nicely, OK?

If you're a reader of The Plain Text Project, sometime in the next few weeks you might notice that you can't get to the site. Nothing's wrong. I'll be changing hosts, and with that will come the usual glitches with switching up DNS settings and the like shows you how to roast chestnuts on an open command prompt with this fun toy (via shares how curiosity, hard work, and community support helped him overcome obstacles and find success (via

Learn how to use Podman to run containers in separate user namespaces (via explains how to prevent "Revenge of the Ancillaries" in (via look at the top 5 configuration management tools (via

In my latest for, I take a look at using for online note taking shows you how to patch into The Matrix at the command line (via

Is Anbox needed on Ubuntu Touch or does it hinder free software? And... what is 'dogfooding' anyway?

Find out more in this #Audiocast while #community members Wayne and Joe discuss #Anbox - the controversial and exciting upcoming #UbuntuTouch feature and 'dogfooding' (what it means and why it matters) and more...


It took almost two hours, but I finally figured out why my Gitlab Pages site wasn't rendering properly, and came up with a dirty solution that worked. Not bad for a guy with 10 thumbs (technically speaking)

In my spam folder today, I found a bunch of emails for a book about how to make and use duct tape knuckle dusters. Sorry, but I already know how to do both ... looks at the top 40 and conferences for 2019 (via

Starting January 9, 2019 I'll be publishing an email newsletter called Weekly Musings.

Get in on the ground floor subscribing here: And I won't use your email address for anything but the newsletter. Promise! shows you how to winterize your prompt in (via explains why leading your organization through profound changes requires an open approach

RT Experimenting with content/UX that only reveals itself as you zoom in. Wondering whether it might be more fluid than clicking disclosure gadgets in our new world of scrolling, flicking and zooming.


RT For anyone interested, this is how I implement NextCloud + CollaboraOffice via Docker on Ubuntu hosts (e.g. a DigitalOcean instance): (should work the same on Ubuntu 18.04)


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