@scottnesbitt That's all nice, but what was wrong with #Wikibooks? And suggesting that the recent, incredibly tiny, barely visible drop in college book prices has something to do directly with #openstax is quite bold. Cool project though!

@turion Nothing wrong with WikiBooks, but why not have some diversity? That includes OpenStax, the BC Campus open textbook project, the collaboration between Ryerson University Press and Pressbooks, and other open textbook projects

@scottnesbitt Diversity is great, I just hope it won't fragment the community, and that the wheel isn't reinvented too often. It's great if we have four good introductory books on the same topic, but we're missing out if no efforts go into advanced material. And that's a risk if every new initiative starts from scratch.
Besides, I'm really wondering why wikibooks isn't used more.

@turion Are there enough books in the WikiBooks collection that are completed (or near completion) to be used where other open textbooks are? I haven't done a survey of that (OER isn't my area of expertise), so I really don't know

@scottnesbitt That's a good point. There are quite a few completed high-quality books, I find. But they're right next to incomplete ones, so maybe the wrong impression arises.

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