How is @write_as with images? I find that image markup on the Markdown-based blog tools I tried is frustrating and fidgety.

Thanks! I just wasn't sure if there was a tool as such built in, or it was all using reference.

@mjjzf @scottnesbitt Just to add to this, the @snap_as service mentioned in the article tries to make the whole image-adding process easier through tools like the browser extension (demo here: video.writeas.org/videos/watch)

@scottnesbitt @mjjzf @snap_as Right now it happens automatically -- large images get shrunk to 1280px-wide upon upload. But in the future it'll store the full-res image instead, and you'll be able to embed an optimized / smaller version.

Is that the kind of resizing capability you'd want to see?


@write_as @mjjzf @snap_as Hadn't really thought all that much about it (I don't use Snap.as -- at least, not yet). But thinking about that, what you mentioned could work. Or a way to do what, say, Pixabay does with downloads and let you choose from four pre-set sizes. Which kind of sounds like that you mentioned ...

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