If these are the only ways I can sign into your web app, I'm not interested. No matter how useful that app is

@scottnesbitt I agree its been proven connecting any of those accounts to most external services is asking for trouble security wise.


Agreed. This speaks to a larger paradigm, though, that more of us need to get hip with, a lifestyle choice to cut more tech/apps out and lighten our footprints. The most useful app in the world may simply be a luxury, not a critical necessity, as your example would suggest. For the last two years I've been killing accounts and deleting apps off all my devices; only using/seeing the bare essentials. It's been wonderful. Casual use of tech is what those companies count on.

@scottnesbitt yeah, I was thinking the *exact* same thing just last night ( someone really needs to speak to these people)

*swaggers up to you in a striped suit, bowtie and straw boater* ah but why would you need some other way when you could sign up through every social media venue you could ever need? All five of them!

@scottnesbitt It looks like an interesting tool. Those sign-in options are a total deal-breaker for me, too.

I guess any other OAuth2 provider could work as well, they just offer no way to specify the URL...

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