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Scott Nesbitt @scottnesbitt

Thanks to everyone who suggested Mastodon apps for Android. I'll be giving them a look (in some cases, a second look)

@scottnesbitt Any chance you could toot a quick list if what was suggested? I lost the thread ...

@dogtrax The ones that were recommended most often were Tusky and Subway Tooter. Offline, someone suggested Tootdon and Mastalab

@scottnesbitt Thx. Appreciate the sharing. Now my own personal wondering is: do I really want another social media app on my phone? Even for this space, which I am coming to appreciate. I feel as if I am needing to move more in the opposite -- narrowing the field of notifications and connections and resisting the pull of apps. That's my own grappling point these days ...

@dogtrax Just don't over think it too much (which is easy, I know!). To be honest, the Mastodon client is the only social app on my phone - I get to that other microblogging site via a browser. Might give that a try with Mastodon, too, so we'll see what we'll see.