I still can't believe how defensive and aggressive some people get when I tell them I'm not interested in whatever they're interested in. That could be a sport, a genre of fiction or non fiction, some piece of technology, or learning something like a foreign language.

They need to lighten up, to grow up, not take things too seriously, and not see my lack of interest as a threat to their enjoyment.

@scottnesbitt To be fair, you had be to so brazen as to have your own opinion and further, to be polite about expressing it. That kind of thing simply cannot be allowed. What will our society be reduced to if we allow people to have their own opinions and to feel comfortable about expressing them? XD

@pennsylforniageek Guess I'll be keeping my mouth shut from now on. Well, no I won't ... 😈

@scottnesbitt All kidding aside, the community here has been pretty chill, as I'm sure you've seen (I hope).

@pennsylforniageek None of what I mentioned happened on Mastodon (and I don't expect it to). It was elsewhere online and IRL

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