Scott Nesbitt

Hands on with the Gemini PDA

As a former devoted user of the Psion Series 5 (loved that gadget!), I find this device quite interesting. Will I buy one? Not sure yet ...

@scottnesbitt i've got one on order - a gamble, and even at best it won't solve all my complaints with the mobile situation, but something that size with a physical keyboard running linux sure does appeal.

@scottnesbitt ...and at least in theory, i'm not bothered too much by absence of pointer device if i can get it to run xmonad or similar. though a thinkpad-style eraser mouse would have been ideal.

@brennen That's the same appeal it has for me. The simplicity and portability of the Psion is what drew me to it, and that's what's attracting me to the Gemini. Right now, though, I can't justify buying another gadget.

I hope, though, that the Gemini does gain some traction. While a bit of a niche device, it's a useful one

@scottnesbitt yeah. i was only able to justify the cost (in my head at least) since i'm at least a year overdue for a new mobile device, limping along with a half-destroyed phone for the last couple of years.

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