Hands on with the Gemini PDA

As a former devoted user of the Psion Series 5 (loved that gadget!), I find this device quite interesting. Will I buy one? Not sure yet ...

@scottnesbitt i've got one on order - a gamble, and even at best it won't solve all my complaints with the mobile situation, but something that size with a physical keyboard running linux sure does appeal.

@scottnesbitt ...and at least in theory, i'm not bothered too much by absence of pointer device if i can get it to run xmonad or similar. though a thinkpad-style eraser mouse would have been ideal.

@scottnesbitt yeah. i was only able to justify the cost (in my head at least) since i'm at least a year overdue for a new mobile device, limping along with a half-destroyed phone for the last couple of years.

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