Something I've learned today: there are people who still create marketing web pages that start with "Dear friend" and which go on for page after page. And in that page after page, they waffle on while giving you no details or any useful information.

I wonder if those kinds of pages translate into sales. I wonder if they ever did ...

@scottnesbitt they translate into jobs, apparently :-) In our job-centric culture, where people feel useless and forsaken if they don't work for somebody, where would you put those who can't do anything useful neither with their hands, not with their brains? Marketing department it is!

(Only half joking.)

@isagalaev I could understand that coming from a corporate marketing department (OK, I can't), but these are pages created by so-called internet entrepreneurs selling ... well, whatever it is they're selling. I see "Dear friend" and always move on

@scottnesbitt may be it was just some inexperienced copy editor thinking they should do everything "like grown-ups".

@isagalaev I've been seeing pages like that since around 1999 or so. It was the dominant web copywriting technique then, and it hasn't aged well. I'm surprised people still use it.

To paraphrase something Fyvush Finkel said to Harlan Ellison: "They wrote over 3,000 words and told me nothing." 😁

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