.@davidbclinton@twitter.com explains What you need to know about iptables and firewalld opensource.com/article/18/9/li (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@monsterjavaguns@twitter.com looks at how to get started with openmediavault: A home solution opensource.com/article/18/9/op (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@rossturk@twitter.com explains how how gaming turned him into a coder opensource.com/article/18/9/ga (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

RT @openculture@twitter.com: Kraftwerk’s “The Robots” Performed by German First Graders in Adorable Cardboard Robot Outfits bit.ly/2a5lAht

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Take a peek into a day in the life of a log message opensource.com/article/18/9/li (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@i_robin@twitter.com is back in the saddle and brings us this roundup of news opensource.com/article/18/9/ne (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@mdtiemann64@twitter.com explains the (awesome) economics of opensource.com/article/18/9/aw (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

Do you use tabs instead of spaces? If so, how many spaces? Take the poll @opensourceway@twitter.com opensource.com/article/18/9/sp

.@Don_Watkins@twitter.com explains how to create and publish video with the Kaltura editor opensource.com/article/18/9/ka (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

RT @gael_duval@twitter.com: For those interested in leaving Apple and Google, and reconquer their privacy, the first beta of /e/ is here for download and testing! Happy flashing.



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.@ercarter@twitter.com shares 5 examples of success using the Prometheus monitoring toolkit opensource.com/article/18/9/pr (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

.@linuxgeek46@twitter.com explains how to build rpm packages opensource.com/article/18/9/ho (via @opensourceway@twitter.com)

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