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Scott Nesbitt

A guide to branching in Git (something I've messed up on more than one occasion!)

How to kill a process or stop a program in

I guess it beats holding down the power button on my laptop for 10 seconds ...

A brief history of bad passwords

Very appropriate in light exposing 330 million passwords in plain text ...

An interview with Aron Prisk about CorvOS, his ready-to-go education distro for educators not familiar with

Interested in FreeDOS? Then check out this introduction from one of its maintainers

A look at how Clarkson University's Institute llows students to gain experience in managing both facilities and projects while undergraduates

3 tips for organizing your project's workflow on GitHub (And you can apply this advice to pure open source tools and services like GitLab, too)

Wondering how the might impact communities? Then give this article a read:

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