Another week bites the dust, which means I'm heading offline for a couple of days. Take care, kids, and remember that life's too important to take seriously

Please contact your favourite #opensource project and ask them to start #hosting or at least #mirroring their videos on #peertube

if we build it they will come:) While your at it ask them why they're still on #twitter etc, etc. looks at 7 platforms to get started with serverless computing (via

Learn about automating, using a Git repository, and parameterizing Jenkins pipelines (via

Some people have an amazing knack for reading between lines that aren't there

RT Smart home tech makers don’t want to say if the feds come for your data - one more reason "smart" homes are a dumb idea for - Zack Whittaker


Is your startup built on ? shares 9 tips for getting started (via

You might find this interesting, it's a list of official Fediverse / Federation accounts belonging to various organisations:

If you see an org you're interested in, maybe give them a follow to encourage them to spend time on here?

(Note that it doesn't include official crossposting bots such as @greenpeace_ch )

#Fediverse #Federation

@dym Nope. Looks like they tweaked the title between the time I posted and you read it explains what you need to know about the GPL Cooperation Commitment (via

@deadsuperhero Dates and names, please. Also, addresses. Just so my ax handle and I can pay them a visit looks at some personality types you should consider accommodating to help make your community more inclusive, creative, and effective

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