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Scott Nesbitt

When writing about or documenting a mobile app, it's 'tap' not 'click'. You'd figure that writers would know this by now

No, I haven't deleted my Facebook account. Why? I've never had one!

A quick look at how 11 projects got their names

And not one where the founders admitted "Hey, we were drunk and the name seemed like a good idea at the time"

Easily fund open source projects with these platforms.

1. Liberapay | a non-profit, open source organization that helps in a periodic donation to a project.

2. Bountysource | for open source software, unique way of paying a developer for his time and work in the name of Bounties.

3. Open Collective | has more than 500 collectives being backed up by 5000+ users.

4. Open Source Grants | still in its beta stage.


Just heard a Brit complaining about the rain in Auckland. Yes, really.

Then again, I've heard this guy complaining about all manner of little things about this town so this should have come as no surprise

So LG is releasing an "Open Source" edition of an open source operating system ... I'm confused

I should know better than to try to do anything other than eating breakfast at 5:30 in the morning ...

Over at, I talk with Kyle Spearrin about Bitwarden, the password manager he developed

Many people, some writers included, don't seem to understand that writing concisely is more challenging than writing long

A friend is raving about some new app for their Mac that hides their desktop by default ("no more desktop icon clutter!").

I told him #opensource #Linux desktops have been doing that by default for the past...8 years or so (longer if you count WM), and I remind him that I've been raving about it [to him personally] for as long.

Same story as virtual desktops.

Why, o why, are ideas apparently only worth while when they hit the Mac platform?

Here's a little something I wrote for on managing your passwords with Bitwarden

Someone named Alice is trying really hard to get me to buy some LED solar panel strip lights ...

An alternative to something doesn't need to be a feature-for-feature replacement

So it turns out I'm not the Walrus. Does that make me the Egg Man?

Sometimes, you run into a tool that actually makes you want to use Microsoft Word

The next person who asks me if I've ever done any "real" writing gets leg locked

Is your project floundering? Here's a simple plan to get it back on the right path

@xebradog Thanks for the info. Will wade through it when I have some time

Can anyone recommend a reliable make of SSD?