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Scott Nesbitt

@deadnovelist As I keep trying to tell people, the secret to good writing is rewriting. Not enough of them believe it ...

@thinkMoult Small. Only a few hundred of them.

It's a mix of native apps and web apps (which are kind of like some extensions for Chrome: they open a site in a web browser-like window.

You can get a preview here:

RT Same, but for visual artists. We deserve to get paid, & we need to promote our work to do that 😐

If you enjoy seeing our art on social media, accept we got bills, & that you'll see promo tweets sometimes.


Once again, I had to explain to someone that the first draft of what they're
isn't meant to be perfect. The first draft is for getting your ideas down on paper. Then, you do the serious work of expanding, rewriting, reworking, and editing.

Show me a writer who punches out a perfect first draft and I'll show you someone who's either the greatest writer ever or a liar

Day two of using my powered Nexus 5 as my main phone showed me that most of the apps you think you rely on, you can do without. It's nice to have a lean, more focused phone for a change.

3 big steps toward building authentic developer communities (via

RT Interested in switching to Linux? This site makes it much easier to decide which OS you should try.


Did you know? #OpenSource is still used for more than just increasing profits of mega-corporations. It's a key strategy of sustainable #SocialGood work like international development. Visit the #OSCON non-profit area in the expo hall today and learn more.

#FreeSoftware #FLOSS #FOSS

In the latest IRL, @veronica and tech reporter @ashleyrcarman explore how tech hooks users in unexpected ways. Don't miss this episode: tweeted by @mozilla

Day 2 of using my Ubuntu Touch-powered phone as my main phone. One thing I'm noticing is battery usage. Started yesterday with 97% and am now in the low 50% range. Need to look into that.

Still adapting to the keyboard. It's different from the AnySoft keyboard I'm used to using on Android. Another small habit switch

@Food Now if I could only follow @Ubports on Mastodon. Remote following of that instance doesn't seem to be working ... ☹️

The first day of using my Nexus 5 running Ubuntu Touch went well (as I expected it to). I needed to slip out of a few habits, and I found a couple of small things with a couple of apps.

Overall, though, it didn't take too much effort to adapt to Ubuntu Touch. Then again, it's not my first time around the block with it

Looks like cross posting between Mastodon and via @crossposter is working again ...

Look at what magically appeared at an article by me, looking at 3 modes for taking notes

A 'universal' laptop dock that doesn't support Linux (or Mac for that matter) is hardly universal, is it?