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Scott Nesbitt

New at The Plain Text Project: Using Atom, From a Non-Techie's Perspective

@ptolemeaus I don't need your email. As for why does, maybe to build up their email newsletter list?

Maybe try using a fake email address (and you didn't hear that from me!)

Another week comes to a close. Which means I retreat from the digital world for a couple of days. Stay strange, fediverse. I'll see you on the other side

Trying to end a conversation by saying "I have to return some videotapes" doesn't seem to work anymore

The bus driver came flying around the corner so quickly this morning that I almost didn't have a chance to signal him to stop and pick me up. Pretty impressive handling of a double decker bus

@isagalaev Personally, I think time travellers from the past make for a more intersting story ...

I always wonder why so many people assume time travellers are from the future

A guide to branching in Git (something I've messed up on more than one occasion!)

We've joined a list of other awesome web apps that work well without ever logging in 😎

He's right: there aren't any digital silver bullets. It's all down to people

Some days, you just get worn down by the constant negativity. About everything. There really are a lot of unhappy people out there. Probably unhappy with themselves, so they feel the need to inflict that on the wider world

Thanks for sharing, folks ...

Lucy Purdy writes about South London's new #LibraryOfThings, a community lending library for various tools and appliances:

The Wikipedia article about the movement is pretty comprehensive, as well: