Show more shares 5 extensions to protect your (via

Check out this list of utilities and commands makes managing servers and networks easier (via

RT FFS, stop blaming open source for your rubbish infosec & update practices.

🐦🔗: explains how an n infrastructure team starts using CI/CD (via

There's an #ActivityPub federated calendar/events site in development called at @calendar_social

It's still very early days, but if you're interested or want to help out, have a look:

The developer is @gergely

#FOSS #Calendar #Events #Federation #Fediverse #OpenSource

Because we keep getting asked when a new Tusky version will be available on @fdroidorg: Fdroid works differently than Amazon Appstore or Google Play. We as the developers do not upload anything, Fdroid builds the app from source once we tag a release in our code repository. This is super awesome because you are guaranteed to get the exact code from our repo, but also takes some time on their side.

RT "EBay invited us onto an auction floor and dared us to compete with one another; millions did. Social-media companies found a more lucrative approach, with an even bigger payoff, by building the auction floor right under our feet."


I'm still trying to figure out why whoever wrote this documentation keeps mentioning features that will be coming in future releases.

FYI, those features never showed up ...

Over, I take a second look at, an alternative to Pocket and Instapaper looks at 6 RFCs for understanding how the internet works (via

RT Today is the perfect day to celebrate your indepence from algorithms by moving to an RSS-reading workflow.


Instagram & Mastodon import is almost ready!

Another Friday is coming to a close, which means I'll be retreating from the online world for a couple of days.

Never change (except to become better) and remember that there are too many JAMFs in the world as it is. No need for you to join their ranks. explains how to use the dd command in without destroying your disk (via

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