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I just saw a Christmas-themed ad. And it's only August 8. WTF???? explains what Continuous integration (CI) and continuous delivery (CD) are (via introduces, an easy way to learn (via

You can always tell when someone copied a sentence or passage from a requirements document into a help topic ...

RT Was your brilliant conference talk proposal rejected? Share what you have to say with readers:


RT I help companies understand, use, release, & contribute to in ways that are good for their bottom line *and* for the community.

I have new availability in my consulting schedule. Hit me up if your company has questions.

/pls RT?


Some days fill me with hope for our species and our planet. I'm hoping that today is one of those days explains why he still loves Alpine for email at the terminal (via asks what data is too risky for the cloud? (via

Another Monday rolls around, which means a fresh edition of The Monday Kickoff. Get your brain fuel for the week here:

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