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Scott Nesbitt

I've updated my public bookmarks on Pinboard. Check them out. You might find something you like or find useful

Here's a good set of resources that can help you if you do talks or want to start speaking in public

Giving Tilix, a tiling terminal emulator, a look. Not sure what advantages it offers me over my standard terminal, but it's interesting

I just published a little something about how to quickly create and use a task list

I've just started a new project that will collect a bunch of my essays online. You can find it here:

Current status: watching a newly-implemented hot desking causing chaos. I'm trying really hard not to laugh ...

In a product, you start with the most simple and only add what's necessary.

I purposely left out comments, and separated blog discovery, because I thought that you couldn't truly have a pure writing experience without doing so.

Turns out many people expect comments, but others *like* the absence of them (as I personally do). So when many other products are offering comments (or any common feature), the key becomes providing a unique default, with the option to work to add what's "missing."

Taking a look at Talkie, a framework for creating presentation slides that supports Markdown

It's actually not too bad, though it shares the name with a product developed by some JAMFs I worked for back in the early 1990s ,,,

If you're looking for some classic literature to read, check out Not a huge number of books right now, and only in English it seems, but the list is growing

An interesting presentation looking at how a science writer uses Emacs for his work

Just a reminder that The Plain Text Project is now live The site's a bit barebones at the moment, but there is definitely more to come

Remember that project I mentioned recently? Even if you don't, I just want to announce that It's live.

Not a lot there right now, but more is on its way