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Scott Nesbitt

That confused feeling when you copy some text in an application on your computer and for some reason it won't paste into your paper notebook ...

Got some good news in the email today: I'll be speaking at FSOSS in Toronto at the end of October.

The title of my talk is Adventures in the terminal: a command-line driven (computing) life. Details to come

Check out this introduction to DocBook, a big and scary, but also a useful and flexible, markup language for documentation

Today, someone had a go at me for not speaking (or trying to learn) a certain language. I told them it's not because I'm discriminating against that language - I don't speak anything other than English.

It's not for lack of trying over the years, but I now have no time, no interest, no ability (something I've always lacked), and most importantly no compelling reason to jump back on the language learning horse

LIBERAPAY: an open source & free donations platform. Similar to Patreon yet the only fees are (minor) bank charges.

For also tight budget: Liberapay minimum donation is 0.01 euro compared to Patreon at a minimum of $1.

Are you a creator of commons? Do you make free art, spread free knowledge, write free software for Linux etc? Yes? Then Liberapay is for you!


Just walked away from my computer and when I came back an error message was staring me in the face. My reaction? "WTF???" Then I realized it was a screen capture I took.

Yep, it's one of those mornings ...

Thanks to everyone who suggested Mastodon apps for Android. I'll be giving them a look (in some cases, a second look)

Any suggestions for a good Android Mastodon app? I'm using Pawoo at the moment and it's not bad, but ...

Thanks in advance!

I published a little something about why you should write your drafts in a text editor

That moment of confusion when you instictively use Emacs key combos with another editor and they don't work ...