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Yeah, I've been kinda quiet the last few days. Been on a secret mission ...

I figured out what would convince me to get a : a case shaped like Commodore 64 but which I can use as keyboard and plug peripherals into.

Any takers?

Day two of All Things Open is about to kick off. I know that I promised updates, and they're coming. Really!

I have some time this afternoon where I'm going to take my notes and convert a few of them into toots. Just the good stuff, of course 😃

Still absorbing and processing the words and ideas from Danese Cooper's two talks this morning at All Things Open. They're important if we want to hold onto its traditional, community-based roots.

More information to come ...

Had a great meeting with the team from today. There's going to be a lot of great and interesting stuff in the pipeline for 2018. Now, we all just need to get started writing ...

Jet lag? Mostly gone. Energy? Kind of high. Today? A busy Sunday ahead.

That's all part my annual hegira to NC to meet with the folks at and attend All Things Open.

Looking forward to the next few rushed days

In Raleigh, NC battling some lingering jet lag and visiting a couple of local museums. Oh, and having some good pizza for lunch, too. All in all, not a bad Saturday

Always wanted to learn Python but not sure where to start?

Start here:

Designers (and project managers) need to go back to dialup until the web becomes usable again

Downloading megabytes of JS and CSS to view your "coming soon" page doesn't give me high hopes for whatever it is you're trying to sell

Japanese author Haruki Murakami recounts a walk he took to Kobe in 1997. It's a beautiful look at memory, the changes that take place over time, and how both have an impact on us

Unfortunately, the conference I was going to speak at next week has been cancelled due to a labour dispute. Regardless, I'm going with my original plan and will be posting my slides, notes, and set of links online.

Look for some pointers soon.

Call for help: fund GIMP (an open source and free Photoshop alternative) development & Libre animation.

The funding really did help the Blender Foundation for example, and it brought us a solid 3D software with tons of resources on the internet.

This could be GIMP's blender moment, let's get them funded!


The fascinating story of an 19th century writer named Ignatius Donnelly who had a "mind primed for catastrophe"

My choice: try to rewrite a decade and a half of badly-written documentation, or burn the melonfarmer to the ground and write it from scratch

Hey fellow mastodon people, I'm writing a CC-BY-SA article for cats [sic] wanting to get involved in #opensource.

I need CC-BY-SA photos of YOUR cat doing computer things.

Like this level of cute or greater:

You did it!!!

The will be built! Do you want one?

Now, let's go meet those stretch goals.

If you find yourself saying that you're "trying hard to like" something, then you're probably wasting a lot of time and energy with something that's not for you

A chapter in my life is about to close. I'm a bit sad, but also relieved and optimistic about what comes next

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