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One of the best essays I've read recently: Simon Callow on actor/singer/activist Paul Robeson

Why is it so hard to find a good, light universal Bluetooth keyboard with a slot to hold my tablet? Something like the Logitech K480, except slimmer and (much) lighter

It seems I've been nominated for the People's Choice Award. Sure, it's an honour to be nominated but I want to win this melonfarmer. Really want to win it. But there's some pretty stiff competition.

So, I'm humbly asking for your help. Could you please, please, please vote for me? Please?


When , remember that not every noun is a proper noun. You probably don't need to capitalize it

Someone offhandedly mentioned that people still make unboxing videos. I had to shake my head ...

That's another week done for me, which means I'm heading offline for a couple of days. Take care, folks, and I'll see you on the other side

Just because other people like something or that something is popular doesn't mean you have to like it.

On the flip side, no one wants to hear you complaining about not liking that something or "trying hard" to like it

Meaningless sentence of the day: 'If you are using xyz module, teams facilitate enhanced function in relation to system security.'

And, no, I didn't write that!

Whoever wrote the documentation I'm updating tried too hard to look business like and erudite

Yet another person who doesn't understand the idea at the core of economies of scale ...

We often forget that the so-called big picture is made up of a lot of small pictures. And the stories of those small pictures are just as important and valid as that of the bigger one

I've had people lay into me when they thought I was faking at being a writer. When I explained how much I'd written, they laid into me for showing off or being arrogant. You just can't win ...

If I see the words 'thus', 'henceforth', and 'hereafter' in this documentation again, someone gets hurt

No, PR flack, I don't care about your client's latest blockchain thingy, their acquisition of some small tech company in Red Deer, Alberta, or their newest investment in whatever. So please stop sending me those melonfarming emails triumphantly crowing about them

The rabbit hole kept getting deeper and ended up with me finding a screenshot of my #Linux desktop from about August, 2000.

Probably noteworthy is the fact I'm running a #Napster client and #XMMS for my tunes. Also I'm SSHed into one of my servers as root.

We need more (open source, of course) mobile apps that integrate with Nextcloud and ownCloud

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