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Thanks to everyone who responded to my call for interviewees for the the Plain Text Project. I appreciate your interesting, and will be sending questions your way in the next couple of days (I'm tweaking them at the moment)

I'm starting an interview series at the Plain Text Project, focusing on people who've embraced the plain text way of life. Interested in joining in, or know someone who is? You can find out more here:

I don't think anyone ever said "Where are the <blink> and <marquee> tags when you need them?"

Trust Warren Ellis to have an 'interesting' (to say the least) take on Thomas the Tank Engine:

"... THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE is a dystopia, and in fact is a post-nuclear-apocalypse story about the Strategic Reserve ghost fleet."

if a website says "please turn off adblock" i just leave the website

Sadly, I run into far too many people who believe that if a tool doesn't have all the features they need, then it's useless. Not just for them, but for everyone.

And they "can't believe" or "don't understand why" someone would use that tool. I call that the Power User Syndrome, where someone deep down believes everyone uses things or works in the same way they do.

That's definitely not the reality I live in ...

This has been quite the week for people asking me questions (and, in some cases, questioning my choices). The latest: why I chose @write_as to publish The Monday Kickoff instead of using a well-known CMS or my usual combo of Jekyll and S3.

A few reasons: 1) I've been interested in checking out for a while; 2) it's simple: plain text and Markdown (right up my alley); and 3) I wanted to see how minimal I could go with my publishing.

A chat with Luisa Bisio, marketing director of System76, about why the company will soon make its powered computers in Denver

People who know me should know better than to send me one or more Word files when they want to collaborate on something. I guess certain lessons take time to sink in

So Microsoft is releasing the code for the Windows 3.x File Manager as . What a brave and generous move on their part. Something we've all been waiting for I'm sure.

Yes, that last part was sarcasm (in case you didn't get it 😃)

While at a traffic light, the bus I was on suddenly went dead. Thought for a second we'd been hit by an EMP. When the driver started it up again, I began thinking he was a hypermiler

Yet another day of waking up and not finding the bathtub filled with bricks of $20 bills. The disappointments pile up ...

A quick tutorial that takes you through the process of creating a document in , a powerful typesetting system, using GNU

Why do people keep asking the question "How many Linux users are there anyway?"

I'll answer that question with a question: "Does it really matter?" OK, it does but ...

In case you were wondering, you can find the RSS feed for my new curation project at

Did a version update of LineageOS on my tablet over the weekend. Aside from the lame 'LOSCoin' prank the developers included (thanks for that, folks!), the upgrade was fast and smooth. Best of all, I didn't lose any data or apps.

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