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I want to find the person who wrote thus (long) document and teach them that not every noun is a proper noun, and doesn't need to be capitalized.

And by 'teach' I mean horsewhip them in a public square

High-tech outdoor anti-glare system for my laptop.

7 am is too early in the day to have to deal with someone who refuses to consider your ideas or viewpoint ...

I'm glad that week has come to an end. Which means a digital retreat for yours truly for the next couple of days.

Take care and stay safe, fediverse. See you next week!

A brief history of bad passwords

Very appropriate in light exposing 330 million passwords in plain text ...

The UK's Government Digital Service makes a new push to get employees to use ODF

I think they're facing an uphill battle against an entrenched foe (in this case, Word and .doc/.docx)

Hey friends, for the price of an decent cup of coffee, you can help an indie creator make some top-notch SciFi. And if you don't love him, I'll love him for you.


This looks interesing: CriticMarkup - editing for humans

Might have to write an article about it for The Plain Text Project

Some observations about the pain of installing a custom ROM on an phone

I can empathise. I installed on a Samsung tablet, and it pushed me outside of my tech comfort zone in a few ways. Still, that effort was well worth it

It seems that half the people I run into in NZ assume that, because I'm Canadian, I speak French. For the record, I don't.

And I don't assume that every local I meet speaks Te Reo ...

I'm surprised this still needs saying, but the difference between FOSS licenses isn't really about how much freedom they grant but who gets that freedom.

e.g. GPL/AGPL focuses on end-user freedom, MIT/BSD focuses on developer freedom, and Apache/MPL tries to find a compromise between the two.

While I don't think choice of license makes all that big of a difference, I'm very much on the side of the end-user so I tend to prefer the GPL.

As for you, I don't care. Just please don't smear.

For everyone who reads The Monday Kickoff (my weekly set of curated links), and are wondering where the RSS feed is, wonder no more. It's here:

Wow, that Monday flew by quickly. And a good thing it did. Not sure I could have handled any more of it. Now the floor and a bunch of push ups await ...

That (strange) feeling when the song you're thinking about listening to appears at the top of the queue when you start up your music player ...

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