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There are a lot of interesting things happening at And I'm not just saying that because I'm a community moderator there ...

Hyperhydration first thing in the morning. Not the smartest of moves ...

Why am I still surprised when people insist on reading between non-existent lines?

Over at The Plain Text Project, I published a little something about how to add context to a task list

It looks like I've published a couple or three more of my essays here:

Why am I feeling disgusted with my fellow human being and hopeful about their potential? I guess that's the binary nature of existence ...

A look at the Philippine Heritage Map, which is is documenting the country's at-risk historical sites and structures to digitally preserve valuable data and imagery

Want to demystify the "art" of something? Start by not referring to it as an "art". Chances are, it isn't one

How to tidy text copied from a PDF using a CoPa script (and, yes, the article explains what a CoPa script is ...)

Thank you, Mastodon, for not automatically shrinking URLs in toots

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