Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

No book. You can't just "whatever it was" at a glowing gem. Your protagonist had a ten word sentence to explain goosebumps. Does this gem have rubber fistd

"Goose flesh rose hard like little rubbery fists under my skin, I ignored it." Don't ignore little rubber fists. It could turn out to be a problem later on.

Maybe with Mojave's dark mode we can finally pressure developers to stop paywalling a goddamn UI skin

Hey y'all, I found the original source of the "I will fucking increase the fucking thing" comic: floccinaucinihilipilificationa

For all your artist-crediting needs, because this one was mildly challenging to find.


brazilpol, request for help for friends that need it 

Poop prose 

it's my birthday. give me boosts, or don't. it's your own choice. today is your day. make a change. the world is your oyster

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