I see a lot of people complain about the floppy disk icon for "save", but I've never seen anyone complain about the term "paste"....

@n8 there is this difference between icons and terms: Terms can easily be translated and adapted - icons need to speak for themselves and stick to what they depict. :mastomonocle:

@mray So now I have to ask: what translations of "paste" have you seen? (and how old of a technology do they refer to?)

@n8 in german the adaption is to just switch to "insert" (einfügen)? So we don't suffer that Problem there, but for the term "delete" we are used to say "löschen" which today is usually only used in the context of extinguishing flames, which is weird, too.


@mray @n8 Or the term used for "Save" in german is "Speichern" which refers to the place where you store grain. But I think there are lots of cases of symbols being used "wrong" but then with enough time and popularity establishing a new accepted convention. I think of the modern favorite, the Octothorp¹ as a nice example.

1. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Number_s

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@screenless @n8 Symbols are yet another thing next to icons and text. Icons just age particularly bad in comparison. (Imagine the floppy icon being used in 50 years :troll: )

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