really open question, i guess:

after working, tinkering, reading and listening during this year about some of the many (or any data-storage solution) there are, i still don't have a solid conclusion on which would i choose to deal with data on different scenarios:
time-based, unstructured, frequently-updated, small and local data...

in your opinion, what's the most suitable / your preferred database for each purpose?


@jartigag I try to use embedded solutions for as long as possible before I actually start to use a managed DB. It often saves RAM and CPU while simplifying backup, monitoring and other administrative work. It also tends to keep your schema simpler.

1. A simple file. JSON, CSV, CFG, Python-pickle. Whatever you like.

2. Use an embedded Key-Value store like LMDB. Often an order of magnitude faster than anything else. Can scale big.

3. Add search or DIY indexes or put some stuff in SQLite.

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@screenless i didn't know lmdb! thanks for suggesting it. why isn't it popular?

really? diy indexes and custom searching? isn't it too hard, given that there are built solutions?

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