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Image from page 160 of "Revue générale des matières colorantes de la teinture, de l'impression et des apprêts" (1910)

Well hello, German company registry, with data from 5.1 million companies etc. – published online + for download for the first time. Great teamwork!

Just because I had to think of it again recently, my favourite non-political meme

Don't forget that you all are writing new chapter in the internet history just by being on Fediverse. Its emergence is best thing that happened to the cyberspace in a loooong time IMO.

@despens I may be out of my depth here but bridges are relaying ethernet traffic (layer 2) and ufw is an IP firewall (layer 3) so it's not going to be able to touch your traffic. You need to remove the naughty interface from the bridge (and possibly set up routing if you still need them connected but filtered).

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