Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-12-14
Lots of interesting posts this week. Jamf 10.9, MS Office now supports the Dark Side… er dark mode.

The MacAdmins Podcasts got Doug Brooks and Jeremy Butcher from Apple on the show to talk about Apple, deployment and the T2 chip!

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Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-12-07
We got the macOS 10.14.2 update this week, along with iOS 12.1.1 and watchOS 5.1.2. Versioning is really weird this time around. One can assume something major is planned for iOS 12.2. For macOS 10.14.2 looks like a unified build for all current hardware. It’s been a while. If you would rather get the weekly…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-12-01
Just a brief summary this week as I am still travelling through beautiful NZ. Just as a warning: next week’s letter may also be short and late. If you would rather get the weekly newsletter by email, you can subscribe to the Scripting OS X Weekly Newsletter here!! (Same content, delivered to your Inbox once…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-11-23
Just a quick roundup this week. Because of the US Thanksgiving week it is pretty quiet, and I am travelling. I will try writing up a newsletter over the next two weeks, but no promises. I have put together a few deals. My own books are also on sale through Monday, Nov 27 (Cyber Monday)…[...]

Books Sale for Black Friday and Cyber Monday
My three books will be on sale from now, over Black Friday, through Cyber Monday (Nov 26). This is great chance to pick the books up at a few dollars or euros less: ‘macOS Installation for Apple Administrators’ US$17.99 -> $13.99 ‘Property Lists, Preferences and Profiles for Apple Administrators’ US$7.99 -> $5.99 ‘Packaging for Apple…[...]

On macOS User Groups
User groups are easy, right? A user is either a member or they are not. Once you start thinking about the deatils and want or need to automate some of the aspects of user and group management on macOS, there is a lot of devil in those details. User Membership You can easily list all…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-11-16
One of the promises at this year’s WWDC was that some high profile Mac apps would return to the Mac App Store. This week, part of that promise was fulfilled as Panic’s Transmit re-appeared in the Mac App Store. For admins this news is bittersweet. Transmit chose subscription pricing for the App Store. Unlike App…[...]

MacAdmins Podcast, Episode 102: Erase All the Things
I had the honor of being on the MacAdmins podcast again! In this episode, we talk about the EraseInstall app we built at Pro Warehouse, how much fun it can be to build something in Swift and Xcode, the new Macs, my weekly news summary and a bit about Book #4. Thanks again to Tom,…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-11-10
Mac minis are real and being delivered to customers! Apple sent out some updates for their Apps, Pages can now publish to Apple Books and iMovie on a new iPad pro can power a large external screen. If you would rather get the weekly newsletter by email, you can subscribe to the Scripting OS X…[...]

Mojave Quick Action to Package Apps
One of the new macOS features in Mojave are “Finder Quick Actions.” They show as action buttons in the Finder in Column View and the new Gallery View. You can also access Quick Actions in any view from an item’s context menu. You can configure Quick Actions in the ‘Finder’ section of the ‘Extensions’ Preference…[...]

Scripting OS X — Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-11-02
New Mac mini! We finally got a new Mac mini! Oh, and a new MacBook Air and some iPad Pros, too. iOS 12.1 and macOS Mojave 10.14.1, as well. But seriously, did you see the new Mac mini!? The new Macs have the T2. Now, the majority of new Mac models and quite likely the…[...]

Include Assets in External macOS Installer Drives
Apple has included a tool to build a bootable external installer drive with the macOS Installer application for a while now. Apple actually has documentation for this tool. The tool is called createinstallmedia and can be found in /Applications/Install macOS [[High ]Sierra | Mojave].app/Contents/Resources/. When run, the tool requires a path to an externa[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-10-27
Somewhat delayed summery this week-end again. Quiet week while nearly everybody was at JNUC having fun. If you would rather get the weekly newsletter by email, you can subscribe to the Scripting OS X Weekly Newsletter here!! (Same content, delivered to your Inbox once a week.) On Scripting OS X Changing a User’s Login Picture…[...]

Changing a User’s Login Picture
Nick asked a question in the comments recently: Now only if there was as simple a tool for setting the profile pic! There is no simple tool, but it is not that hard really. When an individual user wants to change their login picture, they open the Users & Groups preference pane. But if want…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-10-19
We have a date for the next Apple Event: Oct 30! And it happens in Brooklyn and has hundreds of Apple logo designs. (Seriously, keep reloading the event page, it’s awesome.) Will it be iPad Pro? Macs? Both? Also, Adobe is showing off the new Photoshop for iPad. Some news on the new Adobe CC…[...]

EraseInstall Application
The consulting team at Pro Warehouse has been working on an application. I mentioned this application in my talk at MacSysAdmin. The application is called ‘EraseInstall’ and provides a user interface which runs the startosinstall --eraseinstall command, which is part of the macOS Installer application. Why? The startosinstall --eraseinstall command with all its options is…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-10-12
There seems to be some “conference hangover” this week. Or maybe it was because I was distracted by the Jamf 400 course I attended. So enjoy the quiet week. If you think I missed anything important, send it to me and I will include it next week! If you would rather get the weekly newsletter…[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-10-06
This newsletter is a bit late. The excuse for this is that I was attending (and speaking at) MacSysAdmin in Gothenburg all week. Usually I gather the links to the speakers’ notes and slides. But for MacSysAdmin I don’t need to, because the event team has already gathered all those together with the session videos…[...]

MacSysAdmin 2018 Presentation – Slides and Links
I just finished my presentation at this year's MacSysAdmin Conference in Gothenburg. You can find the slides and links to the presentation on this page. I will add the video as soon as it goes online. The AV team here is amazing, as well as the entire conference. (Image by Patrick van Nerum)[...]

Weekly News Summary for Admins — 2018-09-28
TGIF! How have you survived Mojave week? This one is a bit shorter, because (a) I already posted a summary with Mojave links earlier this week, and (b) I am getting ready to leave for MacSysAdmin in Gothenburg next week! Looking forward to meeting everybody else there! If you would rather get the weekly newsletter…[...]

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