Made a MeFi post about a whole pile of little lego machine build experiments, hoisting weights and spinning stuff fast with gear ratios and other nonsense:


@joshmillard ooh! I had the forerunner to today's technical sets: all gears, shafts, bearing blocks and motors. wish I could buy just the same today.

used to make crash-change gearboxes, which were as loud and as fun as they sound

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@scruss I took a "Lego Physics" school workshop thing back around 1990 or so and it was basically that, yeah: just a bunch of barebones Technics pieces, with gears and axels and not much else. I didn't really have the mechanical inclination at the time to dig in deep, though I found them fun to play with.

These days I still don't have a ton of mechanical inclination but I badly want to play a Zachtronics game built on that theme.

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